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Nigel Betteridge - Lead Vocals

Nige's biog coming soon!


Favourite Genesis track:

Influences include :

Bob Arnold - Guitars

Bob joined the band in September 2007, having split up from a Southampton based rock covers band. He first started playing guitar at boarding school, where he traded in his piano lessons with an enigmatic young chap called Harry Enfield.

His first band was aptly named 'Emmy and the Bad Smells' in 1977 (when punk was all the rage). The band reached the height of coolness by being the first band to ever get banned from playing at the school again something to do with a lot of swearing and having somewhat partially-clad young girls on stage.

It was around this time that Bob discovered a passion for Genesis & soon got involved with some like-minded musicians to form another school band called 'Legend', which eventually dissolved when everyone left for university.

Bob maintained a background interest in music in favour of work & family until his early 40s, when he and a friend formed a very successful rock covers band called RIFF. When the band broke up, Bob sought out other musicians who were passionate about progressive music, and joined The Book of Genesis.


Gibson Les Paul guitar
PRS Custom-24 6-string electric
Epiphone Double-beck 12 and 6-string electric guitar
Takamine 12-string electro-acoustic
Yamaha CGX171CCA concert classical 6 string
Line 6 POD X3 Live
Shure PSM200 In Ear Monitors
Ultimate Ears UE5 Pro custom ear pieces

Favourite Genesis track: Fountain of Salmacis

Influences include: Steve Hackett, Steve Howe, David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Mike Oldfield

Kirk Watson - Basses, Vocals

Born in 1966, Kirk describes himself as: "too young to die, but slightly too old to live like he used to". With a family of twin boys, his ONE to be obeyed, and a lazy dog, it is surprising he can slip away occasionally to rehearse with bands, but has been doing so since 1984.

Bass was a natural instrument choice for Kirk, only having four fingers on his left hand. Once he graduated from the Freemans Catalogue Bass and bought a serious instrument (a 1977 black Fender Precision), he was able to stun cats at thirty paces using only an amplified E string.

Kirk has featured on a 12" single and an album (both things made of plastic a bit bigger than CD's for the younger of you out there). He has recorded at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick as well as in Simon Townshend's personal studio (brother of THAT Townshend). Following on from that he joined many other bands, but when he met Howard and Andy, they made him realise that the one thing he SHOULD be doing is learning all the Genesis back catalogue and pretending to be Mike Rutherford.

Fender American series 2007 Switchable Jazz Bass
Fender American built 1977 Precision Bass
Washburn Fretless
Rickenbacker custom built copy 12/4
Steinberger Spirit Headless Double neck 6/4
Tanglewood TW45/12 12 string electro acoustic
Trace Elliot GP11 1981 4 x 12 150w combo  
Line 6 LowDown 1 x 15  175w combo with pedals
Line 6 Pod for guitar
Midi bass pedals with MU80 Module for Moog taurus sounds

Favourite Genesis Track: The return of the giant hogweed.

Influences Include: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Floyd, Rush, Genesis, Tony Levin, Pino Palladino, Bruce Foxton, Chris Squire, Jaco Pastorius, and the bassist who made me want to start playing bass: Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.


Howard Boder - Keyboards, 12 string

Howard was born in Hackney, making him a real London cockney. He started playing piano from the age of 3 and went through the usual classical grades reaching Grade 8 at 18 and mostly playing classical music in his youth.

Howard was introduced to Genesis by his friend Allan Lesser. After hearing "Suppers Ready" aged 13 he began a lifelong love of their music.

Howard attended a school called Bancroft's in Woodford Green, a very old school very much like Charterhouse. Every year of the school had a band. The year above being the Hot Quintet that contained a member of a future Haircut 100. Howard played in various bands at school with friends Dave Giles, Steve Holmes, Adam Rutter, Allan Lesser and Adrian Langwith. One day, a friend at school (Mike Hatch) showed Howard the overhand technique introduction to the lamb lies down on broadway in the music room, giving him a "head start" and the rest is history.

Howard's most successful band from that time was his prog rock band formed at school called Room 101 who performed several times at The Rock Garden, Covent Garden and at other venues during the 1980's. After a gap away from live performance Howard joined an original prog rock band "Bruce's Spider". When that band folded, the Book of Genesis was born.


Yamaha P80 Piano (pianos, strings and ocassional organs)
Hammond SK1 Organ (or ocassionally an XK1)
Yamaha S30 Synth (most of the ARP Pro soloist synth sounds and lead lines)
Memotron Rack Module (the best modern reliable Mellotron equivalent loaded up with all the original sampled Genesis sounds including some from the M300)
Roland PC180 Midi Controller Keyboard for controlling the Memotron (it has the right number of notes and a nice level of touch sensitivity)
Yamaha 12 string guitar
Tapco 100 12-channel mixer
120W Roland Cube Amp

Favourite Genesis tracks: Fountain of Salmacis, Suppers Ready

Influences include: Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Mike Oldfield, Rush, Gentle Giant, Nick Drake, Van der Graaf Generator, The Enid, Focus, Robert Fripp. Steve Hackett, Porcupine Tree, The Flower Kings and IQ. Classical music particularly Debussy, Satie, Prokofiev, Rachmaninov (and other Russians) and Bach.

Phildas Bhakta - Drummer

The Orange Turbaned Drummer ( Phildas Bhakta) hails from Montreux, Switzerland, the home of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. After seeing Genesis live in 1987, her first ever concert and event that changed her life, literally, she decided to become a drummer and moved to England aged 17, not even knowing English or anyone there.

Over the years, The Orange Turbaned Drummer played with countless bands of many genres, but always kept faithful to Genesis and founded and played with Invisible Touch from 1996-2002. Then depped for Genesis In The Cage, Los Endos, and guested with The Watch in France and Belgium, one of the gigs being a support to Steve Hackett.

Phildas also completed a World Record in non stop drumming in 2001, recognized by Guinness, in aid of Children In Need, as a tribute to her mentor and life inspiration: Master Drummer Phil Collins. Outside of Genesis tribute bands, Phildas has also guested on Franck Carducci's delightfull debut Prog album Oddity, drumming on the opening epic Achilles, also featuring John Hackett on flute.

Phildas is also a dedicated Yogi following a spiritual path of the Hindu tradition, as well as a keen practitioner of Indian Martial Art Kalarippayatt and Aikido. Phildas is a qualified yoga instructor. Phildas has rejoined the band currently after the departure of Scott.


Gretsch Custom Nitron Black 7 piece kit (The Classic Phil Collins model)
Noble & Cooley Piccolo snare
Sabian hats and 16" 17" 19" HH crashes, HH 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride Phil Collins signature Ride cymbal
Wuhan 21" riveted China
Ludwig Speed King pedal
Premier Hi-Hat stand
Roland V Drums TD6 V

Favorite Genesis tracks: Supper's Ready, Twilight Alehouse, Fountain Of Salmacis, Can Utility, Moonlit Knight, Lamia, Fly on a Windshield, Mama, Fading Lights, Domino, Home By The Sea/Second Home, Dodo Abacab, Dreaming While You Sleep, Land Of Confusion....list is endless really!!!

Influences: Sri Phil Collins, Hinduism, Oriental philosophies, Nature and the Universe.


Crew - Ian McInally - Sound

Ian is our sound engineer.

He is the sound guy at Havant theatre and is great at working with the modern technologies of sound! Sound mixing Genesis with so many sounds to mix is no easy task!


Crew - Ryan Watson - Lighting

Ryan is our lighting engineer. His imagination and creativity help us to express the mood of the classic Genesis songs.

Ryan also has an acting career (you may have seen him as a Sliveen on Sarah Jane investigates) or more recently on the McCain Chips TV ad. You may even have spotted him in Holby City.

Ryan runs our new digital lighting control desk which allows up to 240 lighting scenes in our show along with the hundreds of synchronised slides.


Crew - Simon Beever - Stage Manager

Simon is our stage manager

Simon has extensive experience in theatres and as the band is moving to play mostly theatres in the future, having Simon's experience and professionalism at these shows is very welcome.

In addition, Simon has developed some of our special effects for our theatrical shows. We are delighted to have his enthusiastic support at gigs.

You may spot him at Dr.Who events as he works with the charity dalek squad.


Crew - Anton Dluzewski - Photography

Anton is our photographer.

He has taken many wonderful images that you will see on this website and you will often see him at our gigs looking for a good angle!

We are very grateful for his excellent work which we feel echoes some of the pictures of Genesis in their heyday.

Anton also designed our latest posters, flyers, the 'Six of the Best' brochure and our T-shirts.


Crew - Sabrina Beever - Additional Theatrical support

Sabrina has assisted us with setting up some of our theatrical shows. Sabrina is also an enthusiastic young photographer (and also a very good pianist herself),


A short history of the band

Andy Daish, Howard Boder and Russel Laverick had played in an original prog rock band called Bruce's Spider which was coming to the end of its sadly short life.

All three of us being big Genesis fans, the logical step was to form a Genesis tribute band. We managed to find a singer and bass player after a bit of searching. However at this stage we were still rehearsing. Playing Genesis is not easy and needs a lot of practice!

Howard's work took him to Australia for a year and the project was put on hold.Andy joined another band (Madron) and through that band met Kirk Watson our bass player. On returning from Australia, Howard also joined Madron but soon all three left to reform the Genesis tribute with Nic Wells and we looked to find a new guitarist. After some searching Bob Arnold completed the line-up.

We were now ready to gig. Our first show was at Swanage in 2008. After a few years Nic left to pursue his law studies as a mature student.

We auditioned a number of singers and settled on the excellent Mike Morton who wowed us during his audition with not only his knowledge of Genesis and great voice but his acting abilities.

In 2011 we started to gig regularly. Andy left the band at the end of 2011 and Phildas Bhakta joined us on drums. Phildas was a pioneer of Genesis tribute bands and setup one of the original tributes, Invisible Touch. The band decided to focus on the best of the Peter Gabriel period, that is the progressive rock era of Genesis with our main focus being to develop an exciting live experience with slides, video, and special effects.

In 2012 we played Charterhouse school with special guests Anthony Phillips, Richard MacPhail and Alan Reif (schoolfriend of the band) who introduced us with Richard, raising money for Help for Heroes.

In 2013 we decided to reenact the "Six of the best show" that Genesis performed in 1982 as a one-off reunion with Peter Gabriel. We did this to give fans a chance to see and hear the set list from that show and to give a nice theme to our 2013 shows. We also played Charterhouse a second time, this time in aid of Great Ormond Street Children's hospital. Being able to play at the famous school where Genesis got together has been a great experience and the beautiful weather helped make that a very special day for us and we hope our fans.

At the final six of the best show we had Steve Hackett as our guest which was a wonderful finish to this run of gigs.

Christmas 2014 saw the departure of Phildas back to her native Switzerland. We wish her well and she may make ocassional guest appearances in the future. We are excited to welcome Scott Hunter as our new regular drummer.

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