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The Book of Genesis have played at Charterhouse 4 times. Several shows have been attended by VIP guests from Genesis history.

This amazing venue with its beautiful theatre, steeped in Genesis history of the early days is an absolute must for any Genesis fan.

A stroll around the grounds before the show taking in the atmosphere is a wonderful experience. Transform yourself back in time.

We will be returning to Charterhouse in 2017.

It has been fantastic having Ant Phillips, Richard MacPhail and Alan Reif at our previous Charterhouse shows and Richard MacPhail (sound friend) and Alan's reminiscences of the days of Charterhouse and early formation of Genesis from "The Garden Wall" and "the Anon" have been fascinating.

Click HERE for Charterhouse Pictures or scroll down for video highlights.

Fascinating conversation between Alan Reif and Richard MacPhail (Singer from the Anon and effectively the 6th member of Genesis ("sound friend") from 1967-73 and then later with Peter Gabriel on tour). This discussion was a prelude to our show at Charterhouse. Alan, Richard and Ant were our honoured guests at this show.

Performance of "Which way the wind blows" (by Ant Phillips)

The Knife (live at Charterhouse)

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