The Barnfield, Exeter gig has been postponed until 13th March 2021

Please contact the theatre for a refund if you have already bought ticket. We are so sorry for this inconvenience, but in the circumstances I hope you understand.


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The Band

Who’s who in the Book of Genesis


Russ Wilson

Russ Wilson  Dynamic Jazz Fusion drummer passionate about Progressive Rock Photo by Tim Bastock Equipment List Russ is an Endorsee of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Hardcase Drum Cases, The Kelly SHU Bass drum Mic Mount & Baskey Rugg Luggs. Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Kit in Vintage Natural Finish – 8″, 10″, 12″ 13″, 14″, 16″ toms, […]


Phildas Bhakta

Phildas Bhakta  The Legendary Orange Turbanned Drummer Equipment List Gretsch Custom Nitron Black 7 piece kit (The Classic Phil Collins model) Noble & Cooley Piccolo snare Sabian hats and 16″ 17″ 19″ HH crashes, HH 21″ Raw Bell Dry Ride Phil Collins signature Ride cymbal Wuhan 21″ riveted China Ludwig Speed King pedal Premier Hi-Hat […]


Nigel Betteridge

Nigel Betteridge  An uncanny similarity to both Gabriel and Collins  Nigel’s Costumes   “King Canute” from Can Utility and the Coastliners “The Winkler” from Get Em Out by Friday “Maggog” from Apocalypse in 9/8, Supper’s Ready “The Flower” from Willow Farm, Supper’s Ready “The Old Man” from The Musical Box Featured Appearances Carpet Crawlers Watch […]


Kirk Watson

Kirk Watson  The multi-talented Mike Rutherford impersonator! Equipment List Rickenbacker custom built copy 12/4 Fender American series 2007 Switchable Jazz Bass Fender American built 1977 Precision Bass Tanglewood TW45/12 12 string electro acoustic Trace Elliot GP11 1981 4 x 12 150w comboMidi bass pedalsMU80 Module (Moog taurus sounds) Featured Appearances Kirk’s 12 string wizardry in The Musical […]


Howard Boder

Howard Boder An extraordinary tribute to the great Tony Banks Equipment List Yamaha P80 PianoHammond SK1 OrganYamaha S30 Synth Memotron Rack Module (all original sampled Genesis sounds)Roland PC180 Midi Controller Yamaha 12 string guitarTapco 100 12-channel mixer120W Roland Cube Amp Featured Appearances Firth of Fifth Watch Video Howard Boder on recreating Tony Banks sounds for […]


Bob Arnold

Bob Arnold A studied sonic accolade to Steve Hackett Equipment List Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Electric Guitar The classic Steve Hackett guitar that he famously played his Firth of Fifth solo on. He used this extensively during his time with Genesis. Takamine 12-string electro-acoustic Yamaha CGX171CCA concert classical 6 string Featured Appearances Firth of […]

Leading UK GENESIS Tribute Band

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the early songs of the influential progressive rock band Genesis with leading UK Genesis tribute band, The Book of Genesis, who faithfully recreate the 1970s era complete with period musical instruments, fabulous costumes, an animated slide show, and atmospheric synchronised lighting in a packed 3-hour show.

Nigel Betteridge (as Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins) has many years of experience singing the early Genesis songs. This coupled with the theatrical costumes and masks that Gabriel used (including “The Flower”, “Bat Wings”, “Magog”, “Crested Britannia” and more) makes for a truly dramatic performance;

Howard Boder (as Tony Banks) our classically trained keyboards maestro, has gone to a lot of trouble to re-create the early ‘Genesis/Banks’ keyboard sounds. Generous to a fault, Howard tells you how to get these vintage sounds on YouTube (now with over 99,000 hits);

Bob Arnold (as Steve Hackett) with his Les Paul Gold Top as his main instrument is a hard core devotee of Steve Hackett’s work (including both electric and acoustic repertoires) – marvelling at his jaw-dropping rendition of the Firth of Fifth solo is one of many highlights!

Kirk Watson (as Mike Rutherford) not only has a multi-instrumentalist role (‘Rickenbacker’ double neck-bass/12-string, bass guitar, bass pedals, 12 string acoustic guitar), but sings backing vocals too – his contribution is, quite simply, awesome!

Russ Wilson (as Phil Collins) is our phenomenal drummer. A professional drummer performing with (amongst others) the Ultimate Elton and The Rocket Band, Curfew, and Fragile. He provides the band with a powerhouse of percussion!

The Crew

Who underpin all our shows



Anton Dluzewski Official Photographer and close friend of the band A bit about Anton Anton saw the band at our first ‘real’ gig at the Tropic in 2009. He presented us with a montage of images so artistically put together that we all became instant fans of his. Since then his photography has amazed and […]

Ryan Feature Image


Ryan Watson Lighting Design and Effects – a genius for creating just the right visuals A bit about Ryan Ryan has surpassed all expectations in his role as lighting designer. As Kirk’s son we happy to let him ‘do the lights’ in the early days, however, he constantly strives to enhance the show, introducing such […]

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