Andy Welsford

A tribute to Phil Collins


Equipment List


Pearl Drums
The classic pearl drums kit. Sabian Cymbals and Roland eDrums



Featured Appearances

Romeo’s Daughter-Bittersweet

Then Jericho Big Area (TOTP)

New video coming soon

About Andy

During his professional career Andy has played with Meat Loaf, Then Jerico ,The March Violets and many others.

He currently plays in British melodic rock band Romeo’s Daughter who are a great band (you should check them out if you haven’t seen them!). We’ve included a video clip of them so you can see him in action. When we have some video of him playing with the Book we will include some more videos!

A massive Genesis fan since he was 15 , he plays Pearl drums , Sabian cymbals and Roland edrums .

Favourite Genesis track: Suppers Ready

Influences include: Phil Collins, Bill Bruford.