Bob Arnold

A studied sonic accolade to Steve Hackett

Bob Arnold

Equipment List

Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Electric Guitar
The classic Steve Hackett guitar that he famously played his Firth of Fifth solo on. He used this extensively during his time with Genesis.

Takamine 12-string electro-acoustic

Yamaha CGX171CCA concert classical 6 string

Featured Appearances

Firth of Fifth

Steve Hackett acoustic session (Bob’s Bits) and Blood on the Rooftops

About Bob

A classically trained guitarist, whose studied performances leave audiences amazed by his recreation of Steve Hackett’s signature sounds and playing style.

As a teenager in the ’70s, Bob’s love of Genesis and in particular Steve Hackett’s playing had a strong influence on his progression as a guitarist. However it has only been since 2007, when he joined the Book of Genesis, that Bob has been able to bring this style of playing to an appreciative audience. His forensic analysis of Steve Hackett’s sounds and playing style brings a remarkable authenticity to the lead guitar role in the Book of Genesis.

Bob’s fondness for the classical guitar and his early classical training has enabled him to easily master an ensemble of Hackett’s solo work that he regularly performs under the curious title of “Bob’s Bits”.

Bob’s love for the 12 string guitar and development of his own unique playing style pre-dates his interest in Genesis. His 12 string performances can be enjoyed on tracks such as Ripples and Can Utility and the Coastliners.

For Genesis and Steve Hackett fans, Bob delivers an unmissable performance – just close your eyes and you’ll be in the company of Steve Hackett!

Favourite Genesis track: Fountain of Salmacis

Influences include: Steve Hackett, Steve Howe, David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Mike Oldfield