Kirk Watson 

The multi-talented Mike Rutherford impersonator!

Kirk Watson

Equipment List

Rickenbacker custom built copy 12/4

Fender American series 2007 Switchable Jazz Bass

Fender American built 1977 Precision Bass

Tanglewood TW45/12 12 string electro acoustic

Trace Elliot GP11 1981 4 x 12 150w combo
Midi bass pedals
MU80 Module (Moog taurus sounds)

Featured Appearances

Kirk’s 12 string wizardry in The Musical Box

Kirk’s effortless bass rumbling in Los Endos

Kirk’s intricate electric 12 string playing in Ripples

About Kirk

An exceptional bass player, guitarist, bass pedeller and vocalist, taking on one of the most challenging roles in the band, delivers a punchy performance.

Born in 1966, Kirk describes himself as: “too young to die, but slightly too old to live like he used to”. With a family of twin boys, his ONE to be obeyed, and a lazy dog, it is surprising he can slip away occasionally to rehearse with bands, but has been doing so since 1984.

Bass was a natural instrument choice for Kirk, only having four fingers on his left hand. Once he graduated from the Freemans Catalogue Bass and bought a serious instrument (a 1977 black Fender Precision), he was able to stun cats at thirty paces using only an amplified E string.

Kirk has featured on a 12″ single and an album (both things made of plastic a bit bigger than CD’s for the younger of you out there). He has recorded at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick as well as in Simon Townshend’s personal studio (brother of THAT Townshend). Following on from that he joined many other bands, but when he met Howard and Andy, they made him realise that the one thing he SHOULD be doing is learning all the Genesis back catalogue and pretending to be Mike Rutherford.

Favourite Genesis track: The return of the giant hogweed

Influences include: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Floyd, Rush, Genesis, Tony Levin, Pino Palladino, Bruce Foxton, Chris Squire, Jaco Pastorius, and the bassist who made me want to start playing bass: Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.