Mike Morton 

Acting  and singing with passion! 

Mike Morton

Mike’s Costumes

On flute

Old man from Musical Box

Magog appears

FMC_magog2Magog close-up “666”

Giant Hogweed is avenged

Featured Appearances

Suppers Ready

Dance on a Volcano

The Lamia

About Mike

Mike has been with the Book of Genesis since their early years following the departure of Nic Wells our original singer who left to focus on a law degree. Mike has been singing and making music all his life and has been in various bands over the year. His latest original band, “The Gift” have released a number of CDs and are doing well on the neo-prog circuit playing a number of  key festivals such as “Summers End “and “Rambling Man”.

Mike particularly loves the acting part of playing Peter Gabriel and puts everything into the performance.  

Favourite Genesis track: Suppers Ready

Influences include: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins