Nigel Betteridge 

An uncanny similarity to both Gabriel and Collins 

Nigel Betteridge

Nigel’s Costumes


“King Canute” from Can Utility and the Coastliners

“The Winkler” from Get Em Out by Friday

“Maggog” from Apocalypse in 9/8, Supper’s Ready

“The Flower” from Willow Farm, Supper’s Ready

“The Old Man” from The Musical Box

Featured Appearances

Carpet Crawlers

Dance on a Volcano

I Know what I like

About Nigel

Nigel’s physical transformation into Peter Gabriel through makeup and costume is a joy for fans of the early years.

Nigel hails from bosom of Los Endos, where he enjoyed many years as their frontman, followed by a few years with the Noodleheads, a prog rock covers band.

Nigel’s great vocal range enables him to comfortably cover both the Gabriel and Collins eras. He has a beautifully silky voice perfect for tracks such as Afterlow, Ripples and Entangled. His studied approach to Gabriel’s vocals has really come to the fore and you can hear those hallmark features that we all associate with Peter Gabriel, making Nigel Betteridge one of the best Genesis tribute vocalists.

Favourite Genesis track: Get Em Out by Friday

Influences include: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins