Ryan Watson

Lighting Design and Effects – a genius for creating just the right visuals

A bit about Ryan

Ryan has surpassed all expectations in his role as lighting designer. As Kirk’s son we happy to let him ‘do the lights’ in the early days, however, he constantly strives to enhance the show, introducing such aspects as ‘live cam’, various intros and promo films (see the 6 of the best video, its quite amazing!) and has been a major influence in our ongoing success. The humblest person you’d ever expect to meet, yet a genius for a Genesis light show!


Presenting the Firth of Fifth

The light show is a rich tapestry of colour and imagery adding a beautify canvas for the intricacies of the music and the drama of the costumes. This drew a wonderfully eloquent comment from an audience member at our Charterhouse 2017 gig clearly moved by his experience: “An assault on all the senses (but in a good way!)”