Simon Top Image

Simon Beever

Stage Manager, Set Builder and ‘the Fox’, our Mascot!

A bit about Simon

Simon is undoubtedly the oil in our engine. He makes everything work from the moment we arrive to setup for the next performance to the last person leaving. His has a creative flare for the theatrical as demonstrated above in his Get Em Out by Friday costume, which is frankly quite scary even when you know who’s behind the mask!

Simon first saw Genesis with Peter Gabriel on Friday, 12 Oct 1973 at Bournemouth Winter Gardens and was blown away by Gabriel’s theatrical performance, and has been a life long fan of the band ever since.

Simon’s day job is a Workshop Facilities Technician in the Engineering Design and Manufacturing Centre at the University of Southampton. In other words he get to play around with really cool machines ranging from CNC Machining Centres to Water Jet Machines.


The Fox

The Fox has long been our Mascot image taken from the album Foxtrot. In our imagery, the Fox wears a suit and red tie which Simon to it upon himself to model. He introduces the show for us dressed as such to the 1930’s track of Teddy Bear’s Picnic