DRU Cultuur Fabriek

Join us on 22nd February 2020 for the third date of our European Tour!

Show starts at 8:00pm

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DRU Cultuur Fabriek

The DRU Culture Factory is located in the Porters Building. The Badkuipenfabriek houses owner-occupied homes and in the Beltman complex, the former enamel factory, rental homes are located and the office of a housing association, the SSP-HAL has been transformed into an event hall and the Afbramerij accommodates the ICER innovation center. ICER is a public attraction, a breeding ground for creativity and innovation and at the same time a showcase for modern industry, interwoven with the experience of 250 years of iron history. The Nederlands IJzermuseum, the Breekijzer Artists’ Collective and Oude IJsselstreek Tourist Information Office are also located here.

Full-length rock theatre

GENESIS was a progressive rock group from the United Kingdom, founded in 1967 by Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Anthony Phillips and Chris Stewart. In the seventies the group made a name for itself in the avant-garde of pop music with its drama and black humor, but in the eighties, with Phil Collins as lead singer, changed course with more accessible work, which earned the band many hits.
This theater concert takes place in the Rabobank hall. The show starts at 8 p.m.

Be prepared for a completely immersive experience when you are taken to the 70s and the songs of the influential progressive rock group Genesis are exuberantly celebrated. The show accurately recreates the music of Genesis from the period 1970 – 1977, complete with specific musical instruments, reproduction of Gabriel masks and costumes, an animated slide show and a beautiful light show in an extra long performance. The performance consists of two exceptional drummers who recreate the experience with double drumming from Seconds Out and later Genesis shows. An absolute must for lovers of early Genesis music.

Getting to the venue See the map below