The Tropic, Ruislip

Join us on 8th November 2019 for a great show.

Doors open at  8:30pm  for a 9:30pm  show
Show finishes at 11:45pm
In terms of access and parking facilities, please visit the theatre’s specific guidance on this.

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The Tropic

The venue is known as Ruislip Social Club, yet Ruislip Manor USED to play there and now it is the home ground of Wealdstone which is part of Harrow – what is the story? Although in Ruislip technically, it was the home of Ruislip Manor Football Club, (where it could be said that the far end of the land is technically in Ruislip Manor). Wealdstone played IN Wealdstone but many years ago their ground was sold to Tesco and a proposed new ground was never built. They ground shared with various clubs but when Ruislip Manor FC could no longer keep up the rent for the ground and moved somewhere cheaper well outside Ruislip, Wealdstone came in, where Wealdstone have a greater fan base.

A night to remember!

The Tropic lives on in our hearts as it was the venue that gave us our first proper break back in 2009. We played to a full house from our first gig and never looked back since. It is a real joy to be back there again as the audiences are some of the most vocally appreciate we’ve ever played for!

If you have never been before, I would recommend booking early as it does get very busy!


Getting to the venue See the map below