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We offer a best of Gabriel years show, (including some of Collins prog years).
We have a wide repertoire. Each show is unique.
We reproduce the “rock theatre” of the shows (featuring hundreds of slides, lights, and of course the costumes).
We play with passion and guarantee an exciting show!


Call Howard Boder on: 07745 873531 or Bob Arnold on 07789 383230


Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the early songs of the influential progressive rock band Genesis with leading UK tribute band The Book of Genesis, who faithfully recreate the 1970s era complete with period musical instruments, fabulous costumes, an animated slide show, and atmospheric synchronised lighting in a packed 3-hour show.

Mike Morton (as Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins) has many years of experience singing the early Genesis songs. This coupled with the theatrical costumes and masks that Gabriel used (including
“The Flower”, “Bat Wings”, “Magog”, “Crested Britannia” and more) makes for a truly dramatic performance;
Howard Boder (as Tony Banks) our classically trained keyboards maestro, has gone to a lot of trouble to re-create the early ‘Genesis/Banks’ keyboard sounds. Generous to a fault, Howard tells you how to get these vintage sounds on YouTube (now with over 99,000 hits);

Bob Arnold (as Steve Hackett) with his Les Paul Gold Top as his main instrument is a hard core devotee of Steve Hackett’s work (including both electric and acoustic repertoires) – marvelling at his jaw-dropping rendition of the Firth of Fifth solo is one of many highlights!

Kirk Watson (as Mike Rutherford) not only has a multi-instrumentalist role (‘Rickenbacker’ double neck-bass/12-string, bass guitar, bass pedals, 12 string acoustic guitar), but sings backing vocals too – his contribution is, quite simply, awesome!

Andy Welsford (as Phil Collins) who is the drummer from Romeo’s Daughter and the former drummer for Meat Loaf, Then Jerico, and The Slaves. His experience and precision is a new bonus to the band.

2017 review extract: “….The fantastic progressive rock music in combination with the costumes and other props are a real feast for your eyes and ears … A band which covers it all the way are The Book of Genesis.“ – by Henri Strik,


The show was called Six of the Best and we, too, had six lined up to attend but for various reasons that ended up being …and then there were three.
This was Karen’s first experience of a true quintessential English Genesis tribute with her man and his mate, she’s American but we don’t hold it against her. John and I had seen these guys, and many too many others before, so had a pretty good idea of what to expect – and we were not disappointed. The idea to emulate that famous gig from thirty years ago was an inspired, and original, one and who ever thought of it should be commended on such a stroke of genius. Of course some of you … (martyrs of course) were there and were transported back to that muddy, rainy night in October – do you realise tickets for that were £1 cheaper than this one!
Seeing Mike in the bog (pun intended) just before the light dies down, putting his make-up on I suggested he should have been in his box by now, he was gutted I knew what was coming but I didn’t spoil it for the rest, and it was a great theatrical intro, the kind of which we are now expecting from him.
We started with Back in NYC, just to make Karen feel at home as she lives just a few inches (on the map) from there – it’s never been one of my favourites but a necessary one to get us (supper’s) ready for the rest but was so pleased to complete the cadence with the sublime Hairless Heart – always makes the hairs stand up…
Another magical moment happened when BOG decided to not only actually complete Moonlit Knight, including Britannia herself, but also to close it with the Aisle of Plenty, something this fan had been praying for someone to do for a very long time, it’s been a long, long time – hasn’t it? – thanks guys.
You can never go wrong with Carpet Crawlers to get us to join in, although I think we were already on our third by now, so we were gonna get better – like it or not, we know what we like, and though Mike messed up the intro he didn’t mess up the lyrics like PG did that night, good job PC saved the day. Howard’s turn to shine as he had been doing already tonight (tonight, tonight) but he completed the Firth intro so expertly that even TB would be proud, it’s rumoured (in the kingdom far and wide) that even he stopped trying, just listen to Seconds Out if you want proof. Then for the long awaited solo Bob (Bob,Bob,Bob) stepped up and made it his own – that track so eloquently shows SH and TB at their best on one of the best albums, and so (with Gods and men) it was with Howard and Bob; Bob just needs a few more pick-ups or help from the mix but more than anything more volume please.
The treats just kept coming, when was the last time any of us had the whole of The Musical Box, wow ! And even more authenticity added as Howard picked up his guitar – we’ll forgive him for not doing so in Moonlit Knight, this time. While Mike’s flute was good enough to supply the first theme I would have liked more time (just a little bit more time) given to the ad-lib and harmony between the two vocalists before the first big crescendo of sound (but it hardly seems to matter now) – but who would have believed you can get that strength of sound from Kirk’s Tanglewood – inspired. Now for the first time tonight the drummer was allowed to give it some, I just love those floor tom toms. And to cap it all Karen fell in love the with The Old Man, and we’re not talking Johnny.T here.
Then almost by way of a break we had the light releif of some solo and post PG material – only one would ever work here, we all know its meaning so we just had to trust imagination and then the chance to show you some of the people in my life and by now I think we all agree that BOG can turn it on again and when they do we will be there.
Meanwhile back in NYC but we had already been there, so a more traditional Lamb stew with the excellent climax of In The Cage and Afterglow – we will allow some poetic licence here, by now they had earned it – and besides it’s no bad thing and in this mix we had (aisle of) plenty to shout about (and we did) and for the boys to show us what they can do and they seized the day. Time for a break.
By now we were getting the munchies, we were hungry for more – not too thirsty as there was enough beer to keep that at bay – so it’a good job that Supper’s Ready; plenty of opportunities here for Mike to give us what we craved – a flower ? Then back to the bar for more libations and I bump into an absent friend who used to be a drummer in a band I once played in, how much better could this night get? Only thing was when gig was over he was no where to be seen, perhaps it was just my imagination?
We were now rocking (not sure about the rocker next to me but its a free country and I guess if Rael has a leather jacket…) and taking it all (too hard) in and given the chance to join in again with the crowd favourite, you know the one – you can tell by the way I walk.
If we thought we could rest after that, no chance – we were motivated to give more by the so rarely aired these days, The Knife he asked us to tell him he’s a hero but we had five of them in front of us, I even managed to convince Bob,Bob,Bob to stand up for this one, for you know I’m right. We were hurtling towards the end but before ours we had Albert’s, (Dukes) End, and who would have suspected the drummer was going to take the mike for this one, certainly not (about) us – bet Phildas wouldn’t do that!
And another chance for some great ad-libs with this suite from this greatly under rated album.
There is no other way to end than this than a good dance (on a volcano) and so we made to most of this as it really was our show and getting better.
Los Endos.

This was an evening we enjoyed so much, the beer helped, but the BOG made it and we will be there when they are…
Dave Mac.

Hi Howard,
Just to say thanks to you and the band for a fantastic evening at Charterhouse on Saturday. You chose a supurb set list and nearly all my faves…..too many highlights to mention!! It was a real treat to hear my favourite music being played live, and with such skill and obvious enjoyment from the band.


These are great moments… these guys have provided the musical background to my life so any snippets like this are like gold dust…. (referring to talk given by Richard MacPhail and Alan Reif about the early Genesis days).


Howard, thank you – it was a great great night – really. I have always loved the early Genesis, I think up to a Trick of the Tail and some tracks on the following albums and you did it all proud last night !! fantastic stuff and of course many things not played by Genesis for years and years.
I have always lived in the Godalming area and heard lots of rumours about them playing gigs and warm up gigs ! Chiddingfold Club being one example !

I hope you keep going its a brilliant tribute. Loved the explanation of the “Lamb” – ie – no idea !!!
thanks again


Laurence Desbruslais posting on facebook
ABSOLUTE MUSICAL PERFECTION. I have never listened to ‘Apocalypse In 9/8’ and ‘As Sure As Eggs is Eggs’ except on the album and been made to cry. THANK YOU! The next time you’re playing near Surbiton you can count on me being there!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂

Leigh ‘Meadow’ Rumbelow posting on facebook

Excellent gig. I happened on it by chance (being a supporter of AFC Wimbledon who play at Kingsmeadow). Very impressed.

Subject: Fridays gig at Kingsmeadow (AFC Wimbledon)


Just a short message on behalf of us four (me, Amanda, Rick and Jerome) to say how much we enjoyed the show. We were all really impressed with your dedication in learning all the songs and the musicianship/theatricals was outstanding. Even my missus, Amanda was won over and her only knowledge of Genesis is really their later commercial chart stuff. Well done guys, and we will definitely be at the Grey Horse, Kingston gig.Regards, Chris.

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