Be prepared to be amazed: Russ Wilson

The Fragile Drummer!

2nd October 2017

Phildas Background

Phildas Bhakta

Drums & Percussion (Phil Collins) 

It is indeed a sad farewell to an extra ordinary drummer and a close member of our family. When we lost Scott Hunter last year, Phildas stepped in to enable us to maintain our existing gigs whilst we found a new drummer. That process has taken much longer than expected. We are eternally grateful for her support and for the time we have played together. I doubt very much that this will be the last we see of this legendary drummer. Rumours about drum duets are “in the air” …
Her last gigs with us are Hanger Farm, 7th October and The Spring & Heritage Arts Centre, 28th October. Tickets for Hanger Farm are still available, so grab those quick.


Russ Wilson

Drums & Percussion (Phil Collins) 

We are thrilled to announce that Russ Wilson has become our full-time drummer. Hailing from the sensational Yes tribute band “Fragile”, Russ was a very natural choice for us. His credibility for this role is unquestionable, having worked with Ultimate Elton and The Rocket Band, Curfew, Fragile and Claire Hamill, Owen Paul, Vienna Circle, Tantalus and recorded with Producers – Stuart Epps, Lee Groves and George Shilling. Click here to read his full biography.
You will get the chance to see his first gig with us at Aylesbury on 18th November, 2017. Be prepared to be completely blown away!