The Musical Brick comes to a venue near you!

30th January 2019

The Musical Brick

The Musical Brick Lego figures featuring on our Merchandise Desk

We are delighted to announce that for all future gigs we will be demonstrating these very imaginative and collectable Peter Gabriel Lego figures from The Musical Brick.
We have been very aware of The Musical Brick and his amazing creations for sometime now and thought that it would be great for our audiences to see these figures in the flesh, rather than just as images on a website. The Musical Brick was delighted to send us a sample set of figures so you can really see what they are like. I must admit they are even better in really life than just as cute images! I’m getting the urge to rekindle my old Lego passion from childhood and start building stages and sets for these little people!!
For these and other brilliant Lego figures, please have a look at The Musical Brick’s website
Why not come to one of our gigs and see them for yourself. I hope you’ll be as enchanted as I was!